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Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday's Foto

Waterfowl gathering on Prospect Park's partially thawed lake are an easy target for this immature Peregrine Falcon. Reaching speeds of over 200 mph in a dive, they are the Earth's fastest animal. This raptor was nearly driven to extinction, but now nests on nearly every bridge (and some building ledges) around New York City. Some biologist now believe that New York hosts the largest urban population of peregrines in the world. 55 Water Street has an annual live webcam for their nesting pair here. Since that nest is no longer active, you might want to try the falcon cam at Buffalo, NY here.


tim b said...

The 55 Water Street webcam hasn't been active for a couple of years. Not sure whether the falcons stopped nesting there or they just stopped doing the cameras. I miss watching, though... the falcons were good TV, and the unobstructed ledge made for good views.

Rob Jett said...

Thanks. I suppose they should update their website.

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