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Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday's Foto

This is the time of year around New York City when a lot of American Kestrels begin to venture out of their nests ... ready or not. Bobby and Cathy Horvath (as well as, all the local wildlife rescuers) end up with calls from concerned New Yorkers having found one or more of these tiny falcons wandering around on the ground. This young male was picked up by a guy named John in Ditmas Park when he spotted it in front of his house. Cathy called me to go check it out and report back to her. The little guy seemed fine, just a bit too young to fend for himself. I'll keep you posted with updates and when he'll be released back to the wild.

1 comment:

Akira Kurosawa said...

oh yeah his too little...thanks for getting him.

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