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Monday, June 17, 2013

Brooklyn Red-tailed Hawks Fledged

I just returned to NYC from a long weekend in Atlanta and missed the maiden flights of our local Red-tailed Hawk youngsters. Both Ann and Pam sent me an update on Friday.

Ann lives near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and has been keeping me up to date with that nest's activity:

Subject: Fledge at BBG
Date: June 15, 2013 9:39:31 AM EDT

Hi Rob

I thought you'd like to know, the single Red-Tail in the rickety-pickety nest tree on [Brooklyn Museum] property fledged yesterday and was hopping from one tree to another after a long preening spell on the dead pine tree near by.  Looks like she is doing the "branching" that there was no room to do on the nest.  She is still on the [Brooklyn Museum] side, but at least she is staying in the trees so far.  She looks relaxed and spent a lot of time preening.

Thanks again for your advice!


PS - I did not see the fledge, but she was in the nest tree the night before, so yesterday had to be the day.

Pam has been cycling back and forth between the two Red-tailed Hawk nests and a Peregrine Falcon nest on Atlantic Avenue. She sent me the following:

Subject: Green-Wood fledgling
Date: June 15, 2013 9:26:50 PM EDT

Hi Marge and Rob:

I watched the Green-Wood fledgling for a while today. He was near the nest, and in fact flew to the nest tree almost as soon as I found him. He looked good but was quite awkward trying to get to the nest after he landed in the tree.  Mom and dad were around in their usual lookout spots.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden baby fledged yesterday. Today he was in a tree close to the nest, and mom appeared to be trying to lure him with food. He was having none of it.

The peregrines at the House of Detention on Atlantic Ave. have been lively and so much fun lately. I caught one on a building roof today.

Hope to see both of you at one nest or another!


Now that the young raptors are out of their respective nests, we should be seeing them exploring their home range more and more over coming weeks. I expect that Bobby and Cathy Horvath will be getting a lot of calls for wayward/injured Red-tailed Hawks as all the other NYC hawk pairs have been fledging their young.

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