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Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Foto

It is very easy to overlook the beauty of the American Copper. This butterfly's wingspan is only about the width of my index finger. With a little patience and a sharp eye, you can find them until the end of September around NYC in disturbed places such as old fields, vacant lots and road edges. This individual was feeding on flowers at the community garden in Floyd Bennett Field.


FBGA Newsletter Editor said...


I think we spoke at FBF yesterday. You were walking down my aisle and I asked if you were a member and then we spoke a few words about what you were seeing. Was that you?

Rob Jett said...

Sorry, not me.

FBGA Newsletter Editor said...

I don't think my previous comment went through - I never gave an email account. Sorry if this is a duplicate

Would you be willing to promote a petition to stop the handover of national park land at Floyd Bennett Field to industrial use (a natural gas metering and regulating station) ?

Rob Jett said...

Already have posted my support and added a link to the petition page. Been trying to rally other birder's support.

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