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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's Foto

Sorry about the lack of postings lately. Between work, the recent heatwave and entertaining our 11 year old niece who is staying with us for 2 week, there hasn't been much time (or desire) for birds or butterflies. This photo says it all ... if you can get to the beach tomorrow, do it because it will be another scorcher in NYC. My favorite is Jacob Riis Park. Check out my endorsement in the summer issue of "New York Magazine". I'm on the third page of the article.

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Starz723 said...

My favorite beach. I go a bit further down now into Belle Harbor cause I have friends that live there, nevertherless, the same beach. My mother and father took me to Riis Park beach just about every weekend and we took 3 busses to get there. My mother was a world class swimmer (she swam the English Channel) and taught me to swim in the ocean at Riis Park. She said, if you can swim here, you can swim anywhere, and she was right. I love the beach, especially Riis Park. Ive been birding a little, but the mosquitoes make it unpleasant.

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