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Friday, September 03, 2010

August Birds

August was a slow month for new species, tying June for the lowest number of new birds seen. I only added four new species, two of which were in the borough of Brooklyn.

Typically, migrating shorebirds are seen in their greatest diversity towards the end of the month and I was able to add two new shorebird species; Marbled Godwit and Baird's Sandpiper.

Common Nighthawks sightings around Brooklyn have been decreasing over the last several years. I used to see (or hear) them around my neighborhood throughout the summer months. They have gradually disappeared as a breeding species within the last 5 years. A few migrating nighthawks were finally observed hawking for insects over Prospect Park during the last week of the month. They are currently listed as a species of "Special Concern" in New York State.

One unexpected surprise was observing a family of Wild Turkeys near Southampton during a rainy Sunday afternoon. These odd-looking birds can sometimes be seen within the borders of New York City, usually in the Bronx. A single individual has also been observed hanging around Battery Park, in Manhattan.

243) Marbled Godwit (Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge--East Pond, 08/14/10)
244) Wild Turkey (Roses Grove Road, 08/22/10)
245) Common Nighthawk (Prospect Park, 08/26/10)
246) Baird's Sandpiper (Floyd Bennett Field, 08/30/10)

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