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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Red-tails Getting Ready

Early this past week I observed Nelly & Max preparing for the new cycle.

Heydi and I had been checking the trees in the Vale of Cashmere for finches. Purple Finches seem to have a preference for the ash trees in that location. As we were walking south, at the footpath on the east side of Nelly's Lawn, I noticed two large shadows moving along the ground. I looked up in time to see two Red-tailed Hawks land in a pine tree above us. It was Nelly and Max visiting their old nest tree. Max seemed to be scrutinizing the nest. Perhaps it was an early inspection in preparation for the next breeding cycle. Nelly was perched a few feet to his left, closely watching as her mate tidied up last season's nursery.

This week's observation seemed very early to me. In past years, our local Red-tailed Hawks generally began working on their nest by mid-January. 2009 was Nelly and Max's first year as parents, so they are clearly new to the process. I suppose that they are still figuring things out. It will be interesting to follow their progress. I'll keep you posted.


C-47 said...

I am wholly new to your website, but for two days running I have had a male red tail in my backyard in Bed Stuy. As a result I came upon your blog and thought I should report it. He has been sitting in a fairly large tulip tree. I am unsure of the size, at the very least two feet in height, with a slightly bluish face. I am praying he takes up residence here, but think he might just be waiting out the snow... I will update as needed...

Rob Jett said...

Very cool! Are there any parks or cemeteries nearby? I'm guessing that it is one of our local pair's offspring looking to acquire its own territory.

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