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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Binocular Guide

I'm frequently asked for binocular recommendations from new birders. I found an online buyer's guide with lots of good information that you should find helpful. I'll also add the link to the sidebar.


rmharvey said...

Like so many web articles, the one you linked to does not have a date. I think it has to be a few years old, as the list of brands at the end of that article is out of date. In the high end, B&L ceased to exist a few years ago. In the mid-priced range Vortex and Eagle Optics deserve places and Celestron may not belong there at all. And Eagle Optics probably should be added to the Value category too.

Rob Jett said...

Thanks for your note. I'll search around for something more current.

Rob Jett said...

Eagle Optics has a blog with (what appears to be, anyway) unbiased reviews of optics:

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