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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Another Hawk Picked Up

Bobby had to pick up another fledgling Red-tailed Hawk and sent the following note:

From: Robert Horvath
Date: June 7, 2009 8:42:49 PM EDT

Today on our way home from upstate we met Parks Dept. who delivered to us the second fledgling from the Unisphere nest. It was checked out and is healthy and uninjured but needs a little time for a safe release in that particular spot. It was a judgement call and I for one would rather be safe than sorry as well as the Parks personal who were involved. There were hundreds of people there today, dogs as well, as the weather was perfect. All this guy did was hop around on the ground . We know that's the norm for fledgling redtails and they spend some time grounded while their parents tend to them but this is one of those cases where they do not have ample cover or lower perching spots to get height from, so it was done with that reason in mind. It may not meet agreement with everyone, but that is how we handled it. We will return them both as soon as possible and there is still hopefully one still up high waiting till the time is right to leave the nest. I will coordinate the return with the parks people so they are aware can possibly provide some surveillance. [...]

Bobby and Cathy

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