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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hawk Hide-and-Seek

Yesterday, at the end of the day, I rode a few laps around Prospect Park. I was a little concerned that I might get caught in a downpour, but the sun unexpectedly burned through the clouds creating a beautiful sunset. At the southeast side of the park I spotted a large, bright white patch low in a tree at the edge of the lake. I assumed it was a Red-tailed Hawk and coasted over to get a closer look. It was the pale-faced juvenile that has been hanging around the park and Green-Wood Cemetery. He seemed a little confused and twisted his head around, searching for something. I quickly figured out that he had been pursuing a squirrel, lost track of it and was trying to figure out where it was hiding. The paralyzed rodent was in plain view (at least to me), right below the hawk. A few yards away several squirrels were squealing a warning message. I thought that the hapless rodent was destined for the dinner plate, but I suppose few things in nature are completely predictable.

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