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Friday, April 17, 2009

Cigars for Queens Red-tails

I just received good news regarding the Briarwood, Queens Red-tailed Hawks:

From: Jeffrey Kollbrunner
Date: April 17, 2009

Subject: RTH Nesting Update

I just wanted to give you an update if you haven't already read my posts that Mama and Papa in Briarwood have had some hatches. At least two little white fluffy heads in the nest bowl that I was able to confirm on 4/14. I couldn't see to the bottom of the nest bowl so we will need to wait and see if there is additional youngsters. The oldest is about 12 days young and the youngest about 9 days young as of today. The hatchlings current size confirms my initial thoughts that the first hatch was on 4/5 when Mama's position in the nest changed from all the previous days of nesting.

You can keep track of the Queens hawks on Jeff's website here.


Marie said...

Hello Robert,

It was a pleasure meeting you in the park sometime ago. You showed me how you attach your bird viewer to the Canon S50, which I also own. Your photographs are beautiful.

My work is going to be shown in Prospect Park next weekend in celebration of Arbor Day if you are free.
- - - - -
Time-lapse photography: Trees of Prospect Park
by Marie Hiraga
(screen projection of shorts)

Location: Brooklyn, Prospect Park Audubon Center (Boathouse), 2nd Floor
Date: April 25 (SAT) & 26 (SUN)
Time: 12 - 5 p.m.

Rob Jett said...

Sounds great. I'll be there.

D. Bruce Yolton said...

The RFK Bridge (formerly Tribourogh) nest has hatched as well, reports Bobby Horvath.

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