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Friday, April 03, 2009

Butterfly Encounter

I had an appointment in Brooklyn yesterday afternoon. It was close enough to where I live that I went by bicycle. Cutting through Prospect Park shortened my travel time, so when I saw a Mourning Cloak land on the path in front of me I had to stop and take some photos.

A woman passing in the other direction saw me looking down at the butterfly and made a comment about the creature's delicate beauty. I told her that the Mourning Cloak was a sign of Spring's arrival. She stopped to watch me taking pictures and I shared my little bit of butterfly knowledge. I told her that I've been creating a series of photos of butterflies perched on my finger and she was surprised that they would be so cooperative. As I was explaining that they really weren't, the butterfly took flight, heading in her direction. She held out her hand and the insect obliged by alighting on her opened palm. I snapped a couple of shots before it fluttered off again. I never caught her name, but she was absolutely elated by the experience. I said that I'd post the photo on my blog. I love touching nature.

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Marie said...

Lovely story.

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