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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Rescued Eagle Follow-up

I just received a follow-up report and photos from Bobby regarding the juvenile Bald Eagle that he rescued in December. In his email, he mentions the word "creance". It's a new one for me too, so I added a link to the definition.

Hi all,

I just wanted to forward some pictures taken of a recent trip to the field creance flying the eagle. We were dissappointed with the lack of flight ability at this time. Unfortunately, since the feather condition has deteriorated instead of improving, after discussing the case with DEC and other eagle experienced rehabbers it was decided the best course of action for this case is to hold the bird till it molts. That won't be until this summer at least. A first year bird molts later and not necessarily complelely as adults do. A broken feather sample was sent to the DEC  pathology lab and they were unable to determine what the substance is or come up with a solvent to remove it. The feathers now feel like hairspray was applied and anymore washing is only drying them and causing them to become brittle. We followed the TriState Bird Rescue protocol for oil soaked birds with no success. He's only partially flighted at this time . We know for sure the feather situation is a definite problem, but aren't sure if there's any others issues besides. We had hoped to get him back out as soon as possible as it is beneficial for Bald Eagle juveniles to be released in the winter, contrary to other bird release timeframes, as they are social at this time of the year and learn from being released where other, older birds are wintering. Sorry to report that won't be the case here. Anyway, we plan to continue exercising him for physical and psychological reasons until the new feathers start to grow in and then we will be forced to let him rest as to not damage any new growth. Until they are developed enough then we will start flying him again for pre-release conditioning.

Thank you for your support and your followers support as well.

Cathy and Bobby

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