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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Few New Features

Over the past several weeks I've been tweaking my blog a little and adding some new features.

In addition to a few minor color changes to the template, I've added more resources. In the sidebar are menus for maps of birding hotspots around the five boroughs...well, make that four. The Manhattan menu is still a work in progress, but will be finished soon. Most of the maps include tags above the noteworthy areas within that birding spot. I'll eventually have all the maps annotated. Long Island is also a work in progress. Note that I've also re-added a menu to Phil Jeffrey's NYC Birds Identification Wiki. I'm sure he'd appreciate any contributions to the bird descriptions.

Monday mornings I will add a list of local birding/nature trips for the coming weekend. I'm trying to cover all the nature organizations within NYC, but am having trouble finding current Staten Island information. Let me know if you have any SI contacts with that data.

Finally, I've added a badge in the sidebar for the "Nature Blog Network". Some of you may know its creators, Mike Bergin, Charlie Moores, and Corey Finger, from "10,000 Birds". From the About page:

"The Nature Blog Network is the nexus for the nature blog community, the portal through which readers and publishers alike can locate the very best nature blogs on the net."

Nature Blog Network maintains a toplist ranking of nature blogs, as well as, a nature blog feed. Since I only just joined the network today, "The City Birder" is a mere blip on the ratings scale. I better get moving with my posts so you'll keep coming back. Maybe some day I'll make it into the top 100.

1 comment:

Peanut said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog and your photos, and I check back often. I too live in Brooklyn. I'm a novice birdwatcher so I learn a lot from this site, especially about the birding spots and maps feature.

Thanks for the work you put into this site. Please keep it up!


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