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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A new kid on campus

Last year, a young Red-tailed Hawk began spending time around Columbia University's campus. She stuck around and has caught the attention of some of the undergrads. They've given her (or him) the name "Hawkmadinejad" and you can read here exploits here

In their March 1st post they write, "Hawkmadinejad is most likely the son of Pale Male, the first raptor bird of NYC..." It's a nice thought, but Pale Male was not the first Red-tailed Hawk or raptor to nest in New York City. Without a doubt, he is the first red-tailed to nest on a building across from Central Park, but that same year I was observing a pair of red-tails in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. In addition, Staten Island, being less developed, probably had its share of nesting hawks. I have nothing against Pale Male, but lots of hawks migrate through the area every spring and fall. Last year there were over a dozen pairs of nesting Red-tailed Hawks in the 5 boroughs, that we know of, so I don't think anyone will ever know for certain Hawkmadinejad's lineage.
by Rob Jett for "The City Birder"

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