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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ridgewood Reservoir related stories & links

Inside one of the reservoirs

(Photo credit - Rob Jett)

An Antimosquito Plan the Mosquitoes Might Have Created

City to revitalize reservoirs in Ridgewood as green space

iLand Art Research & Performance

Old Ridgewood Reservoir, Idle Since 1990, To Become Parkland

Reservoir Turning into a Public Park

Ridgewood Reservoir and General Map of the Brooklyn Water-Works System circa 1900

Ridgewood Reservoir to Become Parkland

Scientific American article, January 3, 1891

The Brooklyn Waterworks in Freeport, LI

The East New York Project

The Ridgewood Reservoir has 75,000 new "residents"

Brooklyn Water Works: How the Thirsty City of Brooklyn Got Its Water

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