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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Queens update

This morning I went to the Briarwood Red-tailed Hawk webcam to check on their progress. Purely by chance, I witnessed a great 7 minute family interaction.

When I launched the website, I saw a fairly well developed, but still down covered chick wandering around the nest. Suddenly he looked up, as if following something with his eyes. One of the adults then landed on the nest carrying some branches, presumably for reinforcing their nest. A few minutes later that chick, a second one its parent cocked their heads forward and followed, what turned out to be, the arrival of the second adult. He stayed only long enough to inspect the brood then flew off. Mama (or Papa, I don't knew them yet) leaned down into the bottom of the nest, as did the chicks. I couldn't watch the activity much longer, but I presume some food was dropped off and they were preparing to eat.

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