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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Birding Link

Eastern Gray Squirrel in River Birch

(Photo credit - Rob Jett)

A friend wrote to me the other day and asked if I knew of any information on birding in Slovenia. I sent her the link to "Where Do You Want To Go Birding Today?".

I've been using Tina MacDonald's encyclopedic website for many years. For some strange reason I never managed to add it to my links section. Well it's there now.

Oh yeah, and there actually is a fair amount of information available on birding in Slovenia.


Laura said...

Hi... I was trying to find something out with google's help and I ended up here at your blog. Maybe you can help me. Today when I was walking along the water at low tide, I saw a big flock of geese (in v formation before they landed) stop over here on the Coney Island side of Gravesend Bay, Brooklyn. I thought they were Canada geese, but now that I refreshed my memory on what Canada geese look like, I don't think they were. They were a bit smaller and I don't think they had the white markings around their eyes, but their coloration was otherwise similar. I only have cam-phone pictures unfortunately, so they're not going to be very helpful. The geese were not aggressive toward the other birds around, and were pretty shy in regard to me. Some of them stood on one leg. They had black legs and a strong contrast between their white breasts/bellies and darker backs, darkest at their tails. Again, I wish I had decent pictures. They were very beautiful. Thanks if you can help!

I am enjoying your blog, too!

Rob J. said...

Sounds like they were probably Brant. We get thousands of them in the winter around the coast, especially places like the golf course at Riis Park. Most have begun migrating out of the city. They're not as friendly as Canada Goose, which, I suppose is a good thing.

Rob J. said...

Almost forgot, here's a link to some info:

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