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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Red-tailed Hawk in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

I haven't tracked any of the Red-tailed Hawks lately so it was nice to receive a brief note from Janet along with a photo:

"Do you recognize this one? It was very close to the sidewalk in the BBG--a woman came up to me and said "an eagle is eating a rabbit!" Families with little kids were around--seemed foolishly fearless."

Rabbit anyone?

(Photo credit - Janet Schumacher)

I don't recognize this hawk. His head doesn't seem pale enough to be Ralph, plus, he would never be so cavalier around people. It's difficult to tell from this particular photo, but he doesn't seem to have a very pronounced belly-band. Janet's note and picture has motivated me to go out looking for the hawks tomorrow.


rbs said...

Hard to tell from this photo, but is that juvenile coloring on the tail?

Rob J. said...

I can't tell either but will drop a note to Janet and ask her.

Rob J. said...

This is Janet's response:

"I didn't see much more of the bird than the photo--I just wanted to quick take a picture before it flew away. Didn't see its tail. Was acting like an immature and didn't look all that big."

This could very well be one of the two that fledged from the Ravine pine tree nest (aka, Ralph and Alice's).

Bird Advocate said...

Here in Texas I see a number of our Hawks. They are an majestic bird! Thank you for sharing the pictures.

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