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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Unexpected visitor

I just received the following note and photos from my friend Elyse. Like me, she also lives near Prospect Park. The bird in question nests around the neighborhood, most likely on the brownstone's roofs:

"Subject: Bird Identity
Date: 8/21/06 7:57 PM

Hi Rob,

Just took a picture of a bird in my backyard. It flew in over an hour ago and is still there. I thought it was a hawk, but it is in such a funny position. I know the pictures are not too helpful. Can you tell what it is?



Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor)

(Photo credit - Elyse Taylor)

-Click here for more info on Common Nighthawks-


Pamela said...

It wasn't afraid of the photographer was it!

I love these kind of discoveries!
I had a Merlin in my yard. We see many Kestrels in the area. I had never seen a Merlin. He thought my bird feeders were his own personal smorgashboard.

Rob J. said...

I guess not as it returned to the tree the next night.

My friend, Steve, has some small seed feeders in his yard that he refers to as his "hawk feeders".

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