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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A King Rail at JFK Sanctuary

Sitting & waiting for the rail to wake-up

(Photo credit - Rob J)

The following photographs were taken this morning by Sean Sime. We went out early this morning hoping to relocate the bird that was reported over the past 2 days. Fortunately, he was still present and more interested in eating than remaining hidden from Sean, Roberto, Glen and myself. He seemed to have plenty of food available as we witnessed him devour a small eel, a minnow and a crab.

King Rail (Rallus elegans)
(Click images for larger view)

(Photo credit - Sean Sime)

I decided to try and embed a video.

(Thanks to Roberto Cavalieros for shooting the video and allowing me to post it here.)

I found the following comparisons to similar rails:

"Similar Species: The Virginia Rail could be confused with King Rail, but is only about one-half the size of the King Rail. In addition the side of the face of the Virginia Rail is suffused with gray, but the gray of the King Rail is limited to a diffuse band over the eye. The Clapper Rail is similar in size, but eastern populations of the Clapper Rail are gray-brown, not rusty brown (Note: far western populations of the clapper rail do have a rusty-brown coloration and are difficult to separate from the eastern King Rail). During the breeding season the Clapper Rail is found almost exclusively in salt marshes. In contrast the King Rail is found almost always in freshwater marshes."


-Click here for more info on King Rails-

View from Brooklyn to sanctuary

(Photo credit - Google)

John F. Kennedy Memorial Wildlife Refuge

(Photo credit - Google)

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