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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Injured Goose update

I just received the following note:

"Hi Rob,

Sgt. Prastaro went out and assessed the situation, which was just as you
said. The Snow Goose has a broken right wing; however, it is swimming fine
and foraging fine so it would be impossible to catch right now. What the
Sgt. has done has left his number with the groundskeeper who has been
keeping tabs on the goose. If the groundskeeper sees the goose weakening at
all he will call the Sgt. He felt bad that he could not do more, but I
remember being in the same place when I was a ranger. An injured but
healthy animal is very sad and frustrating. If the goose is still there
when the weather is warmer it sounds like they could try to catch the goose
using their canoes but this is also very difficult. If you don't mind
please keep an eye on the goose too and let me know if you think it is able
to be captured.




Marge said...

Im glad to hear this. I will also observe and let you know if I see him starting decline.

Marge H.

Marge said...

I was at Greenwood this afternoon, 12/24. I went to check up on the snow goose and look for redtails. It was a nice balmy afternoon absolutely delightful.

Im happy to say that the snow goose looks alot more relaxed and at home with the other geese now. He was preening and splashing along with all the others. I didnt observe any aggressiveness towards him, so he seems to be blending into the flock of about 100 Canada's nicely. It seems to me though, that his right wing has dipped even lower. I was able to see the actual break in the elbow of the wing. When he would stretch out his wings the injury was very visible. He was heavily preening the injured area. I wonder what caused his injury?

While obeserving the goose, a nice mature redtail came over the Sylvan lake area and stayed for about 20-25 mins catching thermals and circling. He was too high for me to observe any good markings, except for the beautiful red tail that flashed when the sun hit it.

I went to the old nest area and saw no redtail activity anywhere.

I did get a great blue heron at Dell water.

Ill be back at Greenwood on Monday.

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