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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Is Big Mama back?

I recently received an e-mail from my friend Janet. I'm hoping that Big Mama has returned to her former territory at the north end of Prospect Park.

"I noticed an adult redtail sitting in the usual tulip tree at North end of Nellie's meadow. Is that one of your pair or just simply great real estate & another hawk moved in?

I really missed not having the redtails in Green-Wood this year--I always used to see several & very surprising not to see any. Last weekend saw a redtail circling overhead in different parts of the cemetery. I wonder if they are some of Prospect's brood. [...]


I'm not sure why both the Green-Wood Cemetery pair and the north park pair had an unsuccessful year. Perhaps it's merely cyclical and 2006 will have lots of young Red-tailed Hawks back in the middle of Brooklyn.


Joey said...

ya know, I'd love to hear about good x-mas bird counts around the City if you know of any.

Rob J. said...

Hey Joey,

Contact the coordinator for the Brooklyn count here:

The full calendar is here:

Anonymous said...

I think I saw an osprey flying near my home in Midland Beach, S.I., Sat Dec 3.

What I saw kind of looked like a gull with a 4' to 6' wingspan.

Does this seem possible?

Rob J. said...

It would be unusual but not impossible. Migrating and locally breeding Osprey are usually gone from the area by the end of October. However, I did a quick scan of my journal and found sightings on - 11/06/99 (Jones Beach) and 12/15/01 (Floyd Bennett Field).

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