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Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Dove's Story

My mother received the following photographs from a friend. Apparently a pair of Mourning Doves decided that they liked her bicycle basket and began building a nest in it. She couldn't stop using her bike so she hatched a plan that worked like a charm. My mother had given her a perfect sized basket for a replacement. She gently lifted the nest out and placed it into the new basket. The doves didn't seem to notice the change. One day she took that basket out of her bike's basket and placed it on a chair near her door. The Mourning Doves continued incubating their two eggs, unfazed. Eventually they raised two healthy chicks.


Elyse Taylor said...

Like mother like son!!!!
Love the dove pictures!

Mike said...

Fantastic photo sequence!

Eva said...

Great story! Thanks for posting the set of photos.

Rob J. said...

My mother's friend was afraid foxes would get the doves. Every evening she would go outside with a flashlight to check on her adopted family before retiring for the night.

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